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Presidential Hopeful Mc Cain a drifter?

Cindy Mc Cain brings drifting to worldwide status
Posted September 9 2008 10:34 PM by TurboMagScott 
Filed under: Editorials

Im sitting at my computer when i recieve a text message that read "Cindy Mc Cain drifts", followed by a weblink post to a ESPN website. At first i thought it was a hoax linking me to Rick Rolling on You Tube or some porn site. I clicked on the site and couldnt beleve my eyes!

There was Cindy Mc Cain sitting in a auto garage with a 240sx in the background. My friend from Hawaii best summed it up by saying "meen da buss 240 in the background"
Translation: Thats cool check out the busted looking 240 in the background.
Anyways as i continue to watch the video i notice shes really into the sport! Mc Cain is sitting there explaining how to initiate and what to expect when drifting. Pretty sick if you ask me. Who would have imagined a Presidential hopefuls wife appreciates and does something we all enjoy. I think its time to vote for Mc Cain and have his wife legalize drifting and modified vehicles. Yeah i know its a long shot but who knows?!?
In case you missed the video check out the link

Cindy Mc Cain Driftin interview

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